Rapid Result 100% Accurate Certified Covid 19 Tests.

Test results delivered within 10 to 25 minutes directly to your free secure smartphone 'CMS MediApp'. 

A significant clinical break through in the fight against coronavirus.

Cambridge Medical Screening is aiming to be the UK's leader in the procurement, evaluation and supply of SARS-COV-2 isothermal and in vitro immunochromatographic detection kits and mass volume test result delivery systems.

The Company is engaged in researching and evaluating certified diagnostic test kits specifically to deal with Novel Coronavirus (Covid -19) where test results can be processed and delivered quickly and accurately at very low cost. Our objective is to identify and procure best in class diagnostic kits for integration into screening test systems or supply side agreements with end users such public health bodies, private medicare providers and NGOs. 

We have entered commercial relationships with a number of companies who have developed validated rapid Covid-19 test kits including the fastest nucleic acid based test for SARS-CoV-2 to date using patented enzymes in a unique process that significantly reduces the time it takes to deliver test results.  Using smartphone capability these breakthrough tests have enabled Cambridge Medical Screening the opportunity to deliver genuinely rapid and scaleable testing capabilities for individuals, corporates and the public sector. We can supply test kits and ancillary equipment or a total testing solution globally for your organisation. We are researching and evaluating other newly available rapid results test kit with the objective of delivering a bespoke mass test solution for a large UK based organisation.

In this fast moving environment we are currently working with three manufacturers, one supplying nucleic acid detection tests, one an in vitro immunochromatographic lateral assay test and one detecting antibodies. The isothermal reaction test that allows the detection of nucleic acids leads to  the detection in both cases of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the isothermal reaction within 30 minutes. One test  allows us to obtain the results without the RNA purification step and we can directly test the sample which is collected from the swab thereby minimizing false positive results. That test is about 60 minutes faster than standard RT-PCR testing. Our preferred antigen test is simple to administer and process with results available within 10 minutes - ideal for mass screening. The anti-body detection test which is currently being used by the NHS provides accurate results in 10 minutes and is suitable for rapid mass applications in sectors such as travel,  aviation and hospitality.

Using an innovative tech solution, digital test results can be delivered securely to a person's phone within 10 to 30 minutes from an on-premises mobile laboratory, set up and run by our fully trained operatives. The test is easy to administer and can be undertaken by individuals at home.

Mass Screening Rapid Test - How it works

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In response to the ongoing crisis in the leisure and travel sector, we have developed a highly scaleable total solution for use in international travel and across all industrial sectors. The CMS mass screening solution is simple, quick and highly cost effective and if adopted on a wide enough scale enable the mass movement of people in a controlled covid free environment. 


Extremely simple to administer test using a disposable test kit undertaken by nasal swab. The test is delivered using a diagnostic  disposable cassette that shows a positive or negative result in much the same way as a pregnancy test. The result is processed in the field by logging into the CMS virtual 'Lab Test Station' and the result uploaded immediately to a dedicated CMS designed smartphone App within 8 - 10 minutes of the test being taken. This data can then be exported into a Government track and trace system. Tests can be undertaken by trained operatives. Positive results can be confirmed using a PCR based test administered in the CMS mobile field Lab.  

Down load the CMS App                       


Virtual Lab Station

1.0 Test Subject downloads the Free CMS Bio Passport APP.

2.0 Rapid Result  Antigen test carried out using a nasal swab. Results are uploaded to the Tester's Virtual Lab Station using unique identifier codes  

3.0 Test results are stored on a secure database only accessible by the testing organisation.  The results are then automatically sent to the test subject's smart phone App. 

3.0 Test results are received by the App via code and date stamped for 48 hours after which the App prompts the User to seek another Covid-19 Test. 


The App specifies the make of the test so that this can be verified by local health authorities.  

The Antigen Test is designed for mass screening. If a test subject tests positive or the result is void then we will carry out a RT-PCR test on site. These results take approximately 30 minutes to process depending on the number of tests being taken at the same time. The results are sent to the virtual lab station and sent onto the user's smart phone App. 

We can supply these tests in large volumes at extremely low prices. We can also arrange for the supply of PCR machines and trained operatives and technicians to carry out swabbing and laboratory processing. In addition to the low cost this test can be processed very quickly making it extremely suitable for use in industry, professional sport, the travel and hospitality industry and medical services such as care homes. 

Approximate Test Time 10 mins

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